A Guide to the Appreciation in Value of a Steinway Piano Over Time
Steinway a brand to appreciate

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Globally, the Steinway piano is the preferred choice for nine out of ten concert pianists. Why?  

"The Steinway piano is such an incomparable instrument. Due to its virtues, I am able to express all my musical feelings." - Daniel Barenboim

"I want to make music. That means I prefer the Steinway piano." - Evgeny Kissin

"I wish to thank Steinway for its wonderful pianos which I've been privileged to play in all my concerts. There is no piano like it in the world." - Alfred Brendel

"My friendship with the Steinway piano is one of the most important and beautiful things in my life." - Krystian Zimerman

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"Steinway pianos have been built to a standard, not to a price" 

Unlike other piano manufacturers who rely on automated production to speed up output and cut costs, each Steinway instrument is lovingly hand crafted by master craftsmen and can take up to a year to build. This commitment to excellence also means that only 5000 Steinway pianos are made per year. Steinway Pianos was established in 1853 and is founded on the European tradition of pianomaking. Quality control is underpinned through the master and apprentice tradition spanning generations. Each piano made today embodies over 100 patented and improved features ensuring that the Steinway you buy today is at the pinnacle of piano research and technology.

Today the Steinway brand is synonymous for Quality, Tradition and Desirability.


Why invest in a Steinway piano?

Making the right investment decisions is always a gamble. Currently as banks are in crisis, an increased number of people are investing their money into luxury products rather than stocks or shares. Common product investments include property, jewellery, classic cars or antique furniture. Why not consider a Steinway piano.


"The Cost Of Living Extremely Well Index" | Forbes 12.10.01

Forbes has published various data relating to the appreciation in value of a Steinway piano over time. In a Forbes article "The Cost Of Living Extremely Well Index" dated 12.10.01, the price and appreciation of a variety of luxury goods was compared.

Forbes article: "The Cost Of Living Extremely Well Index"
Product 1976 Price 2000 Price 2001 Price % Change 2000 to 2001 % Change Adjustment for Inflation (1976 to 2001) % Annual Change Adjustment for Inflation (1976 to 2001)*
Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano 13,500 83,100 86,100 3.6 106.2 2.9
Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph 38,000 219,900 229,990 4.6 95.7 2.7
James Purdey & Sons Shotguns 20,000 105,487 114,686** 8.7 85.4 2.5
Dom Perignon, case, from Sherry-Lehmann 300 1,500 1,500 0.0 61.7 1.9
Gucci Loafers 89 335 350 4.5 27.2 1.0

"The Cost Of Being Rich" | Forbes 10.11.04

In another article "The Cost Of Being Rich" dated 10.11.04, Forbes stated "While the overall Consumer Price Index climbed 3% over the last 12 months, Forbes' index of 41 luxury goods climbed an average 4.2%". This is reflected in the price of a Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano which in 2004 was $96,100 had made a 4% increase from 2003.

"The Price of Living Well" - Forbes 09.20.07

In the article "The Price of Living Well" dated 09.20.07 Forbes stated "Over the past year the cost of our basket of luxury goods climbed 6%, more than double the rate of inflation". This is reflected in the price of a Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano which was $107,100 in 2007 a 4% increase from 2006.

On the Steinway website, a graph is displayed showing the resale appreciation of Steinway grand pianos. It illustrates how the retail value of a Steinway bought in past decades has doubled, quadrupled and is even over ten times the value that was originally paid for the piano.


Besbrode Pianos Leeds is a Specialist Steinway Dealer

If you are interested in purchasing a Steinway piano, why not contact us for more information. Besbrode Pianos is a specialist Steinway dealer with more than 35 examples for sale in store. Choose from a range of Steinway models including A, B, C, D, F, K, L, M, O, S, V, Z, Centennial, Style 1. We stock the largest selection of pre-owned Steinway pianos in the UK.

View our current inventory of Steinway pianos for sale in store


Rebuilt Steinway Pianos

Besbrode Pianos presents an exceptional range of rebuilt Steinway pianos. These Steinway have been transported to Germany to be rebuilt by qualified Steinway approved technicians using 100% Steinway parts. All Steinway components used in the rebuild are brand new. Cabinets are polished / polyestered to the highest standard at the Steinway Inam factory. Many of our rebuilt Steinways are dated pre 1920. Enjoy the antique styling and exquisite veneers of a vintage Steinway cabinet with essentially a brand new instrument.

Rebuild includes:

  • 100% Steinway parts
  • New Steinway action
  • New dampers
  • New bushings
  • New wippens
  • New bridges
  • New hammers
  • New strings
  • Frame re-sprayed
  • New agraffes
  • New felts
  • New pins

Find out more about our Steinway rebuild service

An outline of what processes constitute a Steinway rebuild from Maiwald - Klaviere & Flügel, the Steinway Academy trained technicians responsible for all of our Steinway rebuilds based in Germany.

An investment in a Steinway is a sound investment for the future. When you own a Steinway & Sons Piano, you have acquired a precious heirloom for future generations...


The pianos on this website are on display in our Leeds showroom, ready to play. If you are interested in trying any of our pianos, click here for directions how to find us. If you require buying advice, we recommend making an appointment before coming down to the showroom. This ensures we can offer you the best customer care available.


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