PianoDisc Digital Player Piano System Available as a Retrofit to your Acoustic Piano

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PianoDisc iQ HD Airport Player Piano System  

The intelligent, invisible player system with Apple Airport Express and iPad. It's never been easier to operate an upright piano or a grand piano with a digital player system. You can operate the iQ HD Airport System very simply from your sofa, behind the bar or from a hotel reception desk. An Apple iPad is supplied for use as a control device. Additional music can be purchased from the PianoDisc shop. It is downloaded onto your PC using the MusicConnect software which transfers it to iTunes.

  • Wireless remote control via iPad - intuitive and easy
  • Plenty of memory for your favourite music
  • Comes with 550 pieces of music and 5 videos

"Imagine your piano played by one of the greatest pianists of all time; Rachmaninoff, Gould or Richter. Imagine it playing show tunes, classical, jazz or ragtime. Imagine it accompanying one of your favourite singers. Imagine your piano setting the mood for any occasion from an intimate dinner to a large gathering. PianoDisc systems can be retrofitted to pianos of virtually any size, style or make, turning them into digital player pianos. Whether you have a grand piano or an upright, a new piano or used, PianoDisc has a system for you. There are also many options you can add that make PianoDisc even more appealing and valuable. It is important to remember that all PianoDisc systems offer full 88-note playback with 1024 levels of individual note expression per key "

This model from the iQ series is perfect for both professional and private use. It requires minimal changes to the existing instrument. Once fitted you can continue to use your instrument as an acoustic piano or digital player piano. The iPod App and Video App in Apple's iPad serve as a user interface. The system is supplied with a special WLAN audio receiver as well as an iPad from Apple. Twenty-one pre-selected albums have been already factory installed on the iPad. This means from the first day of use the iPad offers more than nineteen hours of music from PianoDisc's music library. With the ipod App, playback lists can be easily set to shuffle mode for playback, repetition of the entire list or individual titles. From here you can also control the volume. The iPad can be connected to the internet via WLAN in order to surf the web, receive emails or select more music from the PianoDisc website. The iPad also supports MIDI. This opens up the possibility of usinf iQ Airport and the Apple iPad as a compositional tool.

Watch this PianoDisc iQ system in action:

"And I am telling you" by Jennifer Hudson on a Steinway grand piano retrofitted with a PianoDisc iQ HD Airport system at Besbrode Pianos. The speakers beneath the piano amp up the vocals whilst the piano accompanies the melody.

"And I am telling you" by Jennifer Hudson
Steinway model A grand piano fitted with a PianoDisc iQ HD Airport player piano at Besbrode Pianos

PianoDisc iQ HD Airport Player Piano System : Overview

System includes:

  • PianoDisc iQ HD Flex player system
  • Apple iPad
  • Hours of pre-selected PianoDisc music


  • 5 year manufacturers guarantee
  • Available retrofit to most grand and upright pianos
  • Fitting and servicing by trained specialists
  • Compatible with other MIDI devices
  • Power failure safe
  • Plays all 88 keys and operates the dampers
  • Plays the acoustic piano softly at low volume
  • Possibility of playing music by third party vendors
  • Compatible music formats: MP3 and MPEG4


  • 1024 dynamic levels internally
  • Damper control with soft down operation
  • Level function for adjusting the volume in the iQ system to the voume control of the audio player being used. This function automatically controls the balance between the volume of the pianos and the background music through speakers
  • Synch function for controlling the synchronisation of the audio accompaniment with the piano music
  • Certified for CE, UL and FCC

Available Extensions:

  • PDS250 powered speakers
  • TFT MIDI recording system
  • QuietTime Silent System


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